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oven repairA stylish, modern oven is the centerpiece of every kitchen. People who love to cook at home are always willing to spend some good money on an efficient oven with many nice features. Sometimes, that means parting with close to a thousand dollars or more. If you are like most people, you probably use your oven at least once every day. In hotels and restaurants, the oven is used in the preparation of hundreds of meals a day. Given how frequently the oven is used and the amount of work it does, it’s inevitable that it will experience wear over time. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your oven lasts a long time. But occasional defects are inevitable. And since you cannot afford to be without your oven for a long time, it’s important that you act at the first sign of trouble.

Common Oven Problems You Should Be Watching Out For

There are certainly many different models of ovens in the market, but the appliances all tend to experience similar problems in the course of their lifetime. Some of the top ones include:

  • The appliance will not turn on
  • The oven does not turn off
  • The oven produces too little or no heat
  • The appliance produces too much heat
  • The fan of the appliance won’t turn off
  • The oven won’t bake evenly
  • The broiler has stopped working
  • The oven’s light is broken
  • The range burners produce sparks
  • The appliance maker excessive noise
  • The self-cleaning function does not work
  • The door of the appliance is broken

Such problems need to be dealt with right away. An oven that can’t function properly isn’t really useful to you. If you own a food business, a broken oven stalls a lot of activities in your kitchen and loses you revenue. A noisy oven is a nuisance, while one that’s producing sparks is a huge fire hazard.

Here’s What You Need to Do

A defective oven does not signal time to buy a new appliance, unless you are sure that the appliance is beyond repair. The good thing with most oven defects is that they are easy to repair and will usually cost you much less than the price of a new appliance. The secret is to find an appliance repair company you can trust to do a great job. You can count on us at Fontana Appliance Repair to troubleshoot your oven and provide a lasting solution for the problem.

Why Choose Us?

Through the years, we have repaired hundreds of thousands of ovens with all kinds of defects. Our vastly experienced technicians have what it takes to tackle the worst of oven defects and can guarantee to get your appliance up and running in no time at all. Every member of our team is EPA certified. But technical competence is just one of our strengths. The other is legendary customer service. We know how important it is to you that your oven gets repaired as quickly as possible. We therefore move fast once you call us with a repair request. Our friendly customer care representative will first take down your details before immediately dispatching a highly experienced technician to your doorstep to help you out. Once our technician has thoroughly inspected the oven and ascertained the main problem, they’ll recommend a lasting solution for it. You also get an all-inclusive estimate for the repair cost upfront so that you don’t have to worry about surprise expenses when the repair is complete. If you give the technician the go ahead to do the repair, they’ll start right away and in no time at all, you range will be running efficiently once again.

We Repair All Brands

Our technicians can comfortably handle a wide variety of household and commercial appliances from all the leading appliance brands including Kitchen Aid, Marvel, True, Wolf, Whirlpool, Maytag, Ice-O-Matic, Bosch, Amana, Thermador, Viking, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, Westinghouse, American Range, Electrolux, Scotsman, DCS, GE, Admiral and many more.

Appliance Maintenance Services

Other than appliance repair, we are happy provide maintenance services for all your kitchen appliances.

Our services are available 24/7.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us for appliance repair or maintenance, you can call us toll-free on: +1 (909) 365-2398